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INTERNSHIP, try-out course

You can test our courses before you sign up for a full course - try our new internship opportunity!

We keep receiving many requests for internships or try-out courses or personal meeting to discuss our courses etc. To give participants the opportunity to get us to know first hand, we now offer such try-out courses which serve the purpose

1. try out our courses before signing up for a full-fledged study course, test our training methodology and get us to know a little bit closer

2. find out if they are suitable for high-end international security work; at the same time give us  the chance to see if they are suitable

In our new "try-out course" (or internship) we offer exactly these opportunities. Participants try out our training and get a bit of insight into close protection, security management, security, investigation and intelligence work. At the same time, they will be put to the test to see if they are suitable for the demanding security work in an international context in the private security industry.

This try-out course includes 2 full weeks of training in the fields of close protection, close combat, weapons training, investigation, intelligence work, investigation and security management. This try-out course is suitable for beginners but participants with prior security or military training will still find this course extremely interesting and demanding at the same time. You will need to be disciplined, willing to learn and follow instructions, and you will find out if private international security is really the right line of work for you.

One week will take place in Germany or France and include investigation, intelligence, security management and close combat. The second week will take place in the BSA training camp in South Africa. Thus, at least basic knowledge of the English language is mandatory. In South Africa, you will run through close protection exercises, weapons training and close combat training; accommodation will be included in basic military-style, travel expenses and food will NOT be included however.

We strongly recommend early booking. There will be one try-course every 2 months with a max. number of about 10 participants.


·          the try-course fee is 1950.00 EURO, payable with registration - it included 2 weeks of try-out course, one week in Germany/France - one week in-camp in South Africa in the BSA training camp (accommodation, use of weapons and ammo included). Travel expenses and food NOT included.

·         applicants 21 years of age+, men and women, no criminal record, preferably with high school diploma, you must be healthy and be able to run or jog 3 miles without difficulties, as a basic requirement

·         you must be able to communicate in English, at least basic knowledge is mandatory

·         professional appearance, clean, able to communicate well with all kind of people, follow instructions, work highly disciplined in a team

·         you should not be employed by a third-party security firm (exceptions possible)

If you are interested in registering for the try-out course/internship, please contact us any time for more details


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