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There are a number of different close protection (CP) training courses on the market worldwide; many training companies offer such courses. For someone outside the world of professional close protection it may be difficult to decide which course is the right one. What should you look for? We'd like to give your some food for thought to help you with your decision.

1. Do not just look at the price of the CP course. Looking for the lowest bid may well lead you to disappointment. Although we understand very well that no one wants to spend more money than necessary and pay bottom dollar where possible, you should make yourself aware of the importance of the RIGHT kind of training when entering high-risk jobs such as close protection. Your life and that of future clients will depend on your decision.

The main goal you should be looking for is a COMPLETE, comprehensive training program. Can you seriously and honestly expect that a training course over a few weeks, no matter where the training takes place or who your instructors are, can actually be sufficient training for you to be doing this kind of work or ANY demanding profession for that matter? Do you truly believe that anyone can learn a profession in a few weeks time? We don't. We KNOW that it's impossibly. Other companies will probably tell you the contrary. It is up to you to judge their intentions behind that. All we can tell you is that we believe it is dishonest and totally unrealistic to even consider turning someone into a CP specialist fit for international high-risk work over the course of a few weeks or even e few months.

Look at how the most efficient official international agencies such as US Secret Service or German BKA etc. operate. They will train their CP candidates over many months or even years before they may actually even ENTER THE TRAINING for close protection. If these agencies thought for even one second that a few weeks CP training would suffice, why spend many thousands of tax dollars on the training the way they do it now? It is very obvious that these top agencies do NOT believe a few weeks of CP training for 3000 or 4000 dollars are sufficient. Neither should you if you are serious about CP as a profession.

The key of success and the ONLY way into a true and lasting career (and not just some odds jobs in-between, some even of dubious nature) is a comprehensive and complete training. This of course has its price tag. But ask yourself what all those short training courses over just a few weeks are REALLY worth. You don't have to be a prophet to tell in advance that the short cut via such short-term courses can't possibly lead to success.

2. Will your training company employ you after completion of the course? In 99% of all cases you will find that they will NOT. They can't, because they know, too, that the training they provide won't suffice for the international market. And what's worse: these instructors will train just about anyone for the money, no matter if the market actually needs more of these hastily training "close protection" operators or not. You should select a training company which actually will give you a GUARANTEE to fully employ you (not just the promise of maybe a prospect of maybe a few odd jobs somewhere along the line, we are talking about EMPLOYMENT). Because why should anyone want to train you if you are not even needed on the market? And if they tell you the market is just waiting for you, why don't THEY employ you and work these alleged many clients they talk about? You will find that the vast majority of training companies will NOT employ you. Think about that a while and ask yourself why that is the case.

Brillstein Security DOES guarantee each graduate full employment. Some of our competitors try to tell people that this can't be true. They say that because THEY won't hire you. The fact is: Brillstein only trains as many new CP students per each year that we also want to employ ourselves. We do not train more students than we need, and that is the whole secret behind our offer. We are not just the run-of-the-mill training company, we are looking for the best candidates, we will train them to be top notch operators, and we WANT to EMPLOY them. Nothing else makes sense. Why should we train good CP operators and then have them work for our competitors or TURN them into competitors, right?

Bottom line is this: we offer (to our knowledge) the most comprehensive CP training of the international private security market. We follow the top standards of the leading official government agencies. Our complete training includes college-grade studies; high-end tactical training, internship, paid on-the-job-training plus a guaranteed employment with continuing high-end cross-training in other fields of international security (see all our other courses). Our PPOs are the international elite of private CP operators. The total training will take 2 years, but students will earn good money after 6 month to 1 year into the training (depending on prior training). You decide if you are looking for a short-cut that won't really lead you anywhere or if you are looking for a top notch career. We are giving you food for thought and simple facts. The final decision is up to you. We are not looking for just anyone. We are also not offering just the next CP course, another course like the many others. We are offering a demanding training course with top career options. You choose what you prefer.

The Brillstein Security Group is a worldwide network, active in over 50 countries worldwide. We have about 25 years of experience and we are not just offering you some training. We offer you THE  training you will need for a true career.

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